Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary – A ravishing wilderness of flora and fauna

Nurtured by the deep blue waters of the river and its tributaries, the foliage appears greener, the skies clearer and the sunshine more glorious than ever at this Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Maybe it is only living raise to its expectations that the home concerning a beautiful offspring regarding fauna from the innocent beauty of the barking dear to the cinerarium arrogance of the sloth bear to the tiny birds who are always dressed up in colourful feathers as their everyday attire.

Tucked away in the western part of Ghats in Kerala, this is a wilderness that a wild life lover can go wild with. While the difference of the fauna is amazing, the flora itself is a graceful transformation from tropical wetland to the more subdued grasslands. A tour to the sanctuary can only be heightened alongside a boat ride in the deep blue waters of the Neyyar lake.

Spread over a generous 128 km that never seems quite enough, the sanctuary sits right on the Neyyar river basin and its tributaries. As if the spectacle of fine greenery is not enough, the Neyyar reservoir lies nearby publish over a 9.06 while the Agasthyakoodam Peak looms to the empyreal with a height of 1890 metres to conceive a picture post card landscape. The area was named a sanctuary in 1958 but it was some years later when it was given a separate wing that the sacrarium and its conservation efforts got the attention it deserves. From little cormorants’ to jungle cats, vipers et sequens flying snakes, the diversity is daunting, luxurious and definitely worth experiencing from the safety of your travelling vehicle.

While visiting the sanctuary one can also catch a glimpse of the crocodile farm, the deer farm as well since the lion safari park. For the more adventurous ones, there is the Agastiar peak that is excellent for trekking adventures. At the end of such a spectacular tour, nevertheless a stay over at a Kovalam Hotels can complete your ultimate vacation experience. The Leela Kovalam Beach, Kerala is a tastefully created au courant hotel by a throng of conveniences to have you in utmost comforts throughout your stay. If you are looking for the perfect Hotel in Kovalam, you need not look beyond this elegant venue that also has that gracious hospitality habit to keep you touch at home passim your stay.