Hotels In Trivandrum: Enjoy The Sand, Surf And The Sea Breeze!

Have you ever been to the land which derives its name from the thousand headed mythological serpent? Yes! Its none other than Trivandrum the headquarters city like Kerala and the political including chary power hub of the state. It sees to a huge inflow of tourists and it lies sprawling over seven low coastal hills. It is in fact an exotic blend of tradition and modernity and this blithe city is dotted with ancestral homes, magnificent forts, roads laced with greenery and this city wears a clean-green look! There is a wide array of hotels in Trivandrum and they are the preference haunts of the international travelers, tourists, corporate clients, businessmen, etc who continual this city.

Trivandrum Hotels: Decked up with Modern Facilities!

You have a great choice of luxury hotels and budget hotels and you can choose what suits your budget and requirements. These hotels also gain online booking facilities that help you to book your rooms well in advance by bagging the best deals and packages. Another highlighting feature is that the luxury hotels that bear the five stellar including four star tags are located near the seafront and provide witty views from the horse windows. They are also decked up with all modern facilities and provide the guests with innumerable recreational options that make their dwell at these luxury abodes an occasion to remember.

Some of the five star hotels that are prestigious landmarks of the city are Vivanta By Taj Green Cove, The Muthoot Plaza and Mascot Hotel. If you want to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea breeze to your heart’s content book your rooms in these hotels as they are located at the seafront and provide you easy access to the beaches. Vivanta By Taj Green Sound is located close to Kovalam Beach and stands in regal glory and the cute and charming cottages make it truly enchanting.

The accommodation options are Superior Charm- Parterre View, Superior Charm-Sea View, Deluxe Allure Suite, Premium Temptation Villa upon Lap pool and Presidential Nirvana Suite with Private pool. The Sea view rooms have imposing French windows that offer panoramic views like the sea when the Garden View rooms offer wonderful views of the Balinese style landscaped gardens. The dining options of this hotel include the Jasmine Bay, Curries, Bait, and Neera Bar. With the sea and backwaters as backdrops the dining experience here is a treat to all the senses as the flavors, aroma, the live cuisine sounds and the creative as well as artistic display of the dishes all move in perfect harmony.
Book your room in these luxury hotels in Trivandrum and enjoy the true spirit of Kerala and its enchanting cuisines and scintillating scenic vistas!

Indian Navy Recruitment: For a Glorious Career at Sea

Indian navy recruitment is conducted on the basis from All India Merit. The advertisement for this can be found on all the main regional and national newspapers and on the Employment News. The commission in the Indian Navy is available for young women and men with Indian citizenship. There are options for Technical, Education and Executive branches for them. The two modes of initiation in the Indian Armada are UPSC entry and non UPOSC entry. Written tests and interviews are a part of the process in selecting cadets for the Indian Navy. Every year the Fleet recruits staff, with the leading training being done at INS Chilka, Dist-Khurda in Orissa. The selected candidates are then sent to other naval establishments for more training.

Non UPSC Entries:

The non UPSC entries encompass both the permanent commission and the short bureau commission. The short service commission allows the chosen candidates to serve the Indian Armada for 10 years and it can be extended for another 4 years. The non UPSC candidates do hardly have to assemble for a written exam. They are short listed on the basis of their marks in their qualifying illuminative exams like 10+2, post graduate or graduate. The short listed candidates have to appear for an interview with the SSB. The merit list of qualified candidates is made to fill the existing vacancies.

UPSC Entries:

The candidates for UPSC entries swindle to sit for a competitive exam twice a year to be selected to the Naval Academy. These entries are for Permanent Commission, the UPSC carries out a written exam, followed by an interview nearby the Service Selection Board. The results of the successful candidates are forwarded by UPSC to prepare a final merit list. The medically fit candidates from the merit list are then appointed by ADG (Rtg) / IHQ of MoD (Navy).

Interview and Selection:

The SSB selection process is carried out in a time frame concerning 5 days or stages. The candidates undergo to appear for this interview with the necessary documents and other things, as ordered by them. The first stage includes Officer Intelligence Rating Test, Picture Perception and Description Test and Discussion of the Picture in 30 minutes. The second stage consists of Thematic Apperception Test, Word Intimacy Test, Place Reaction Test and Self Description. The third stage comprises of group discussion. The fourth stage selection process includes Individual Obstacles, Command Task and Group Task. Finally, on the fourth day the results are announced, following a closing speech by the President of the Board. The selected candidates include to appear for a simple interrogation from any Service Hospitals near their exam center.

Training et al Initial Engagement:

The training for all the courses include 9 weeks of Frame Of Reference Training from INS Chilka. This is followed by 4 weeks of briny training polysyndeton 80 weeks of technical training. After successfully completing the training, the sailor is allowed to serve the Indian Nave. The service period can nvloeden extended to 57 years of age, which also depends on the rank acquired and the good performance by the sailor during the service. The Indian Navy Recruitment is almost similar to the recruitment process of the Air Dislodge and the Indian Army.

A holiday package to Samoa to take you 30 meters down the sea in the To Sua Ocean Trench!

Many of you might have travelling as your hobby. You extraordinary be fond of visiting different places and holidaying amidst your family besides friends. However, visiting a place, sightseeing, eating, and relaxing can be such common activities to do during a trip. So, why not holiday with a misrepresent this time? Twists and turns are a part of life, which we cannot avoid under any circumstances. So, this time, intercept thinking about all the odds of your life and plan a family vacation to a rather exotic place favor the Lotofaga village. Located on the south coast of Upolu Island in Samoa, Lotofaga is a small village that many do hardly associate about. This makes it abundance exclusive and a perfect villa destination for solitude lovers. Upolu being an island in the independent state of Samoa is house to a large species from beaches, where tourists can find shelter.

Away from the hustle and bustle about the rusticate of Samoa, the small village of Lotofaga is also house to a natural pool, which is an amazing place to explore. Thus, a holiday bundle to Samoa will take you 30 meters down the sea in the To Sua Marine Trench. To Sua, when translated, means a big hole. This mammoth swimming hole has been formed due to a natural activity. It is said that lava fields blow such holes, thereby forming these tide pools. Similarly, this 30 meters deep combine in the seawaters has come into existence and has been named the To Sua Ocean Trench. Being 30 meters below the ground level, you need to enter the pool utilizing a long ladder that has been built in order to include easy access to To Sua. Situated near the Lotofaga village, To Sua Indian Trench becomes an ultimate site for the tourists during the day. The natural pool is surrounded by lush gardens that add to the beauty of this fiesta spot.

Entry to the pool is not free, but a minimal fee is charged for adults as well as children. The beautiful natatory surroundings can be termed like one of best holiday destinations in the world due to its magnificence and power to attract. This whereabouts can also be a wonderful subject for professional nature photography. Serene and fascinating, the To Sua Ocean Trench might help you bridge several gaps, if you are heading there for your honeymoon. A dip in the cool water of this pool along with your family et alii friends can be a great experience. Many concerning you supremacy be usually attracted towards swimming everyday for an hour at your nearby club. However, swimming in a naturally formed pool, with such a stunning backdrop might be a one of its kind experience. There are a few alternative native sites in the close area of Lotofaga in Samoa like blow holes et al a small beach, which can also be visited in your free time.
Many other such holiday packages can be booked at Magic Holidays, which is a Timeshare product!

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary – A ravishing wilderness of flora and fauna

Nurtured by the deep blue waters of the river and its tributaries, the foliage appears greener, the skies clearer and the sunshine more glorious than ever at this Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Maybe it is only living raise to its expectations that the home concerning a beautiful offspring regarding fauna from the innocent beauty of the barking dear to the cinerarium arrogance of the sloth bear to the tiny birds who are always dressed up in colourful feathers as their everyday attire.

Tucked away in the western part of Ghats in Kerala, this is a wilderness that a wild life lover can go wild with. While the difference of the fauna is amazing, the flora itself is a graceful transformation from tropical wetland to the more subdued grasslands. A tour to the sanctuary can only be heightened alongside a boat ride in the deep blue waters of the Neyyar lake.

Spread over a generous 128 km that never seems quite enough, the sanctuary sits right on the Neyyar river basin and its tributaries. As if the spectacle of fine greenery is not enough, the Neyyar reservoir lies nearby publish over a 9.06 while the Agasthyakoodam Peak looms to the empyreal with a height of 1890 metres to conceive a picture post card landscape. The area was named a sanctuary in 1958 but it was some years later when it was given a separate wing that the sacrarium and its conservation efforts got the attention it deserves. From little cormorants’ to jungle cats, vipers et sequens flying snakes, the diversity is daunting, luxurious and definitely worth experiencing from the safety of your travelling vehicle.

While visiting the sanctuary one can also catch a glimpse of the crocodile farm, the deer farm as well since the lion safari park. For the more adventurous ones, there is the Agastiar peak that is excellent for trekking adventures. At the end of such a spectacular tour, nevertheless a stay over at a Kovalam Hotels can complete your ultimate vacation experience. The Leela Kovalam Beach, Kerala is a tastefully created au courant hotel by a throng of conveniences to have you in utmost comforts throughout your stay. If you are looking for the perfect Hotel in Kovalam, you need not look beyond this elegant venue that also has that gracious hospitality habit to keep you touch at home passim your stay.

Travelers Paradise Place in Goa Sea Beach

Goa, the smallest state in India is charismatic as well as attractive beach purpose in India. Enfolded with magnetizing beaches, ancient temples & churches, great markets, wonderful resorts, Goa is an absolute must-see travel destination. Although, beaches are its topmost feature, but one can also have different glimpses of other wonderful places in Goa. Moreover, it has several colonial buildings, representing extra-ordinary magic & architecture of Portuguese, once lived here for centuries. Read complete information about Goa beaches as listed below:


One of the hotspot beaches, Calangute is visited by numberless tourists in a year. Also referred equal the ‘Queen of Beaches’, this seaside lies in North Goa which was discovered concerning hippies while ancient late sixties century. This beach is a paradise for those people who come here for their passionate honeymoon. Here, one finds clear water which enables you to do swimming, sun basking and wind surfing. Apart from enjoying several water sports, this beach offers you a delicious dinner at its nearby restaurants.


A gateway to heaven, Baga is another favorite beachside in Goa which is frequently visited by vacationers from India and other parts of the world. Widely noted for its exciting water sports, Baga with its crystalline sea water allows the tourists to do swimming, scuba diving, Para sailing and many alike. A jet-ski ride is a special attraction of Baga that you would hardly miss out. Due to its picturesque sightseeing, Baga has been chosen as a perfect location for Bollywood movie shooting.


Seeking exterior for an ideal location for non-water games in Goa? If yes, the Candolim Coast is the perfect place to visit. The white sand dunes of this beach facilitate the tourists to play Volleyball and Basketball at the edge of the sea. Carriage at white sands and take a romantic walk will take you away from your stressful world for a minute. The most interesting part about this beach is fishing amidst the rhythmic sounds of the ocean waves. While visiting to this beach, don’t miss to take a boat ride that offers you beautiful sunset to capture in the middle of sea.

Dona Paula

Your Goa beach visit cannot be ended without a visit to Dona Paula. Globally marked equal “honeymoon paradise”, this beach offers classic facilities of water activities to adventure lovers. However, a large number regarding water sports enthusiasts would prefer to visit here in all over the year. At this beach, you will view the merger of Zuari and Mandov rivers that offers a whopping viewpoint concerning the Marmagao Harbour. Besides it, Colva Beach, Anjuna Beach, Benaulim, Arambol, Palolem are the other pleasant beach destinations in Goa.

Jordan vacation packages: Visit the Petra ruins and Dead Sea with Jordan vacations

Jordan is a fascinating and exotic in situ holding in its palms a plurality of historical treasures to tease the modern tourists. Most of the tourists love to visit a place which can take them back to the lost ancient world. And much like Egypt, Jordan too finds favor with most. Jordan vacations are noted for their massive landmarks, the silent Lifeless Sea and the laidback museums. True from the parched barren deserts to the sprawling & crumbling hills, the city has plenty to offer to your eyes. This in loco smells of history and is one like the outstrip places on Terrestrial to marvel at the dilapidated ruins.

Jordan vacation packages take you through a memorable voyage into a destination whose popularity is escalating with each brief day. These packages may also include airline booking to help you reach your destination without any inconvenience. You also get the opportunity to check out all the major sightseeing attractions so that you can have a completely satisfying holiday.

Amongst the many attractions, perhaps the most noted of them all is the Petra. It is an area of ruins and is beautifully concealed behind the rugged & rocky hills. The vast open acres of barren land make you believe cut off from the rest of the world. Thus, you get transported to a different atmosphere and the ambience is just acceptable to send shivers ailing your body. The Petra Ruins are counted amongst single of the wonders of the world. It is a humongous ward in terms of its endless area with must-see points like Siq and Treasury Building.

Another reason why Jordan vacations make for a dream holiday is the presence from Motionless Sea. Though it is just a lake, its fame stems from its lifelessness and its giant amount like salt! Its name is enough to evoke tremendous curiosity amongst the travelers. Since of the presence from excessive amount of salt, this lake cannot hold uncertainty sustain life. Hence, this is one water body which has no fish, eel or snake. This is moreover a haunt where visitors like to swim. In fact, swimming is a one-of-a-kind experience in this water body, thus the buoyancy is so high that it is virtually impossible for any human being to get drowned.

Besides, the panoramic loveliness of the Dead Sea is also extremely alluring for photo-walkers and nature-lovers. Its surroundings replicate its destructive personality by leaving little space for any flora or fauna. The barren landscape does indeed prepare this an unearthly spot.

Jordan liberty packages moreover insert a tour to the famous Mount Nebo Church. Those who have read the Bible must be familiar plus the name. This church has a deep-rooted religious significance owing to its association with Moses. Hence, this spot is visited near both the hitchhikers and the devout pilgrims.

The culture of Jordan is also going to leave you enthralled and excited. Its narrow lanes, chaotic bazaars, sprawling rock formations and a plethora of other attractions give sleepless nights to the unfulfilled tourists who clamor to quickly make an airline booking to fly into this ethereal land.

What is the Natural Health Product Sea Buckthorn?

Many persons are not bold with Littoral Buckthorn which is unfortunate. It is unfortunate because Sea Buckthorn is literally packed with nutrients also contains more than 190 phytonutrients and active ingredients. Sea Buckthorn is a fruit, and its berries are known to contain large amount of vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, and plant lipids, and much more. For this reason, consumers should become familiar with this amazing fruit.

For years, this nutritional complemental has bot studied and some have even speculated that because of its intensity nutrition level it certainly must accept been originally cultivated by a long-ancient horticulturist. Many of those familiar with the fruit consider it a true super fruit that is capable of providing customers with a healthy variety of balanced nutrients which are crucial to maintaining health and boosting the human immune system.

The fruit has also been shown to help promote tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory production in the hair, skin, and mucosa of internal organs. This can be material as it relates to protecting the respiratory system, digestive system, and uro-genital tract. As a Quiddity Health Product, Sea Buckhorn has a lot to offer.

While some individuals already know that Sea Buckthorn contains huge levels of important nutrients, they may not know that it is the but natural botanical provenience that also provides its users with omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 blubbery acids. They may also not be onto that its level of vitamin C expense is just about at the top of list of fruits humans eat. Also, its Omega-7 level can help protect skin and membrane cells. Compared to other nutritional supplements, Sea Buckthorn is rich in Omega-7.

This natural health product is packed with vitamins A, B, C, and E complexes; it also contains beta carotenes, essential fatty acids (omega 7, 3, 6, 9), phytoserols, and numerous other nutrients. Sea Buckthorn berries are hearty in other various vitamins such as B1, B2 and K. As for the Marine Buckthorn flavonols, they embrace quercetin and salicyns which are some of nature’s most useful and powerful anti-inflammatory sources. For those seeking high levels of anti-oxidants, Sea Buckthorn berries contain high levels of those as well. And while it is known that omega-7 is not frequent found in the plant kingdom, Sea Buckthorn oil is known to contain up to 50 percent omega-7 fatty acids.

As you receptacle see, this fruit and its berries are very powerful as a natural health product that is easy to consume. But where does one find it? Consumers may short to consider buying their Sea Buckthorn from Natura-Nutra. This company provides source berries that are organically cultivated and organically processed. Their goal is to provide consumers with quite unrefined and pure herbal products that are only of the best quality possible.

To learn more about this amazing natural health product, visit the Natura-Nutra website. The site contains in-depth information on Sea Buckthorn as well as other herbal products. Consumers can learn how these products promote overall good health et al how they do so in an environmentally friendly manner.

Jerusalem sightseeing Day Tour From Sharm & Excursions To Dead Sea

Day Excursions To Jerusalem By Bus, Sightseeing Tours To Jerusalem, via dolorosa, wailing wall, Swimming In Dead Sea, Group Trips From Sharm.

circuit leader will Pick up from your Sharm hotel late by night, drive for approx 2.30 hours to Taba/Israeli border, drive to JLM via Arava Valley. Engender tour at Mnt. Of Olives – view over the Old City & the Temple Mount. Descend the mountain to visit at Gethsemane, where Jesus spent the night before his arrest. Drive to Mnt. Zion for visit at The Last Supper Room and proceed on to the Dormitsion. Walk via the Armenian & Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall. Walk via the Muslim Quarter to the “Via Dolorosa” , along which Jesus walked bowed under the weight of the Cross. Walking the road Dolorosa the tour reaches the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Lunch time-out at one of the local restaurants followed by some free time for souvenir shopping. Split Old City along Jaffa Gate. Drive Back to Eilat with s/o for swim at Dead Sea, pass the border to Taba, vigor back to Sharm El Sheikh.


* All transfers besides A-C Bus

* Qualified tour guide

* Meet and assist in taba border in both 2 sides

* Visa entry to Israel

* Departure tax

* Lunch during tour


* Drinks

* Gratuities

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Day Trip To Jerusalem Sightseeing and Dead Sea By Bus From Dahab

Our tour leader preference Pick up from your Dahab hotel late by night, movement to Taba/Israeli border, drive to JLM via Arava Valley. Begin tour at Mnt. Of Olives – view excess the Old City & the Temple Mount. Derive the mountain to visit at Gethsemane, where Jesus spent the night before his arrest. Drive to Mnt. Zion for visit at The Last Supper Room and proceed on to the Dormitsion. Walk via the Armenian & Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall. Walk via the Muslim Quarter to the “Via Dolorosa” , forward which Jesus walked curved under the weight of the Cross. Walking the via Dolorosa the tour reaches the Church of the Inviolable Sepulchre. Tiffin break at one regarding the local restaurants followed by some free time for souvenir shopping. Exit Old City by Jaffa Gate. Drive Back to Eilat with s/o for swim at Dead Sea, pass the border to Taba, drive back to Dahab.


* All transfers by A-C bus
* Qualified tour guide
* Meet and assist in Taba abut in both sides
* Visa entry to Israel
* Departure tax
* Lunch during tour


* Any extras not mentioned in the program
* Gratuities

What To Bring:

* Passport sound for 6 months
* Comfortable shoes
* Cotton clothes in summer
* Warm clothes in winter
* Sol block
* Sunglasses
* Hat
* Photo/Video Camera

Cruise Ship Vacations – What To Expect When You Go To Sea

Maybe you don’t want an active intermission at all. Maybe what you’d really similitude to do is lie back and soak up some sun. Or mayhap you can’t decide. You’d like to relax, but you’d also like the excitement from seeing restored places. Cruises offer the chosen of two worlds. The chance to travel while you enjoy the pleasures of resort life at sea. The new superliners really are floating resorts, with a lineup of activities ranging from exercise classes and trapshooting to lectures, dance lessons, contests, and the chance to strike it rich in the casino. And few resorts can match the menus on cruise ship, where something is being served almost nonstop from 7:00am until that midnight buffet.

Ship travel is also safe, easy, and convenient. Accommodations, activities, entertainment, and lavish meals are all part of one package price, often flatten including transportation to the port of departure. And you tin sojourn to a number of new places on one vacation without the hassles of making plane connections else dealing upon luggage. No substantiality how many ports you visit, once you unpack, you need never face a suitcase again until you head home. Recent changes in the voyage industry offer more beatific news for single people. No longer catering only to the wealthy or to older travelers, many glide lines have updated their facilities and programs, shortened their itineraries, widened their offerings and costs to appeal to a much wider audience.

It is only fair to warn, however, that a cruise vacation by yourself does present any special challenges. In spite of the increase in numbers, singles remain a definite minority on most cruises. The abundance regarding females may be welcome news if you are a male, but therein lies the dilemma for women. After dinner, couples naturally couple up. Evenings on shipboard are romantic, particularly on the nights when everyone dresses up for dinner, furthermore it isn’t much fun to be alone. Eventually that’s exactly what you may be, and you should compass it in advance. If you are a female who will harbor approve a wallflower without a dancing partner, don’t go on a coast by yourself. If, however, you can enjoy the pleasures of days at sea and be amount to watch the evening’s entertainment plus then maybe read a good book at night, cruising is for you.

With all those couples around, cruising is a situation where you really want to find compatible celibate company, even just a good buddy of your own sex. The unused cruise liners keep getting bigger and bigger, plus it is harder to meet people on an monstrous ship. On a large ship, it takes a microscopic luck also a lot like effort being it is easy to feel lost on ships with more than 1000 passengers. The only people you see regularly specific time are those at your dinner table, so your seating assignment is crucial. Ask to be placed at one of the largest tables, which usually seats eight, to increase your chances of meeting people you’ll want to spend time with. Et Al request the second, or later, seating. The first seating tends to seduction those who are early to bed, and because the dining room must be cleared ahead for the next sitting, there is little time for lingering over conversation.

Persistence and an outgoing attitudinarianism are needed to hunt out the other unattached passengers on board a big ship. Even on ships that hold a singer mixer, if you don’t connect at that early gathering, there are no set places afterward to congregation the other single passengers on board. To better your odds of meeting people, sign up for lots about daytime activities. Women should not be afraid to try the bar, which is easy and comfortable to do on a ship. A piano wall is often a particularly amity gathering place. If the lack of romance does not deter you, you can concentrate on the former pleasures like being at sea. And these are plentiful. There’s nothing absolutely like the sense of freedom you feel lasting on a breezy deck and gazing at the limitless horizon or the excitement of watching a new carriage gather perennial closer into view. With a group or on your own, your first decision when planning a cruise should verbreken based on which ports you most want to visit, and that depends a lot on the season.