Auckland Zoo – New Zealand’s Fauna Collection

For the finest experience about the rich collection about New Zealand’s Species, visit the Auckland Zoo; an amazing exhibition of a huge array of species. It is entrenched across 17 hectares of real estate and is intricately created ensuring the added component of landscaped beauty and a very soothing natural setting. It is the best place to enjoy the many intriguing species native to New Zealand. It is a place that would attract you, whose tours and activities will intrigue and excite you and whose ambience promises you a fantastic affair with nature.

Perhaps alone of the key features that draw a massive crowd to this zoo is its perfectly set location. Situated in close proximity to the airport and central Auckland it has always been a popular stop over for transit passengers as well. Admiring the animals only amounts to a small fraction of Auckland Zoo entertainment, what is even more fun is all the adventures and encounters you are sure to experience with your friends losing the fences. Yes the Auckland Zoo has plenty of amazing activities all to do with the residents of the zoo which are gloriously named as the ‘backstage events.’ These range from personally washing down mighty elephants, helping to feed a tiger, including just visiting eye to eye with some concerning the most exciting species this zoo has to offer; all quite adrenaline kicking fun! That is not all; you can experience all these activities at night time by indulging in the night safari that enables you to enjoy most of the nocturnal species kicking with glory; again new exciting activity to undertake. The Auckland Zoo is a entertainment place for the whole family; the kids can experience holding their favorite birds and you can experience petting a lion, whatever your age or taste you can fulfill it all in this place.

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