National Botanical Gardens- The Secret Garden of the Land of the Sea Shells!

An archipelago of 115 islands in the warm sumptuous Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an island nation where beach is the excellent aspect of life! Located Levant from mainland Africa, northeast of Madagascar, this beautiful place has so many beaches looking like they popped out of your idealistic dream like a beach!

Generally during talking about Seychelles the first thing that comes to sanity is the beach, the sand, the delicacies, the water sports and the friendly nature from the locals. Despite in one of these naturally exotic islands lies a botanical garden, in our opinion, a place that replicates Eden!
On the outskirts of Victoria, situated in Mont Fleuri, lies the Oldest National Monuments of Seychelles – the Botanical Garden. Form its conception almost a century ago; it holds within its realms a large and varied collection of mellowed, atypical and endemic plants within quintuplet acres of beautifully maintained landscaped gardens. The garden has a large variety of spices, palms, fruit trees and added to those colonies of fruit bats clouding on native orchids and Aldabrarian Giant Tortoises who roam freely about!

In gardens itself lies for your convenience a local restaurant that serves the very best of incomparable international and local palates. From the rustic, woody themed entrance, framed by palm-lined lanes and the surprising surroundings, take time off to get lost in the National Botanical Gardens on the Isle concerning Mahe and be prepared to be shuttled into and enchanted garden – a rendition of paradise, here on earth. Ancient Seychelles phytophagous have been preserved and cultivated and preserved for over 100 years in these ritzy 15 acres. There is a Craft Village situated close by also one can take renovation local consequence such as fish, fruit and nuts. Local handicrafts are also on display and can bought from the friendly vendors who greet you with a smile!!

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