Dudhsagar Falls – The Sea of Milk

There are scarce paved roads leading to Dudhsagar Falls, and those are navigable only for a few months of the year, being submerged the rest of the time. No manageable paths to stroll pubescence or wayside inns to stop at along the way. It is reached toward 4×4 vehicle or aside the rugged and sturdy feet regarding determined men and women, the latter being the suggested method ut supra it evokes in visitors a sense of real achievement if the journey comes to its magnificent conclusion.

Typical statistics for this fall are that it is the 5th tallest in India, 227th tallest in the World and that its pool cascades down 310 meters of a 4 tiered fall. Unfortunately these statistics could never describe the beauty one would see upon first laying eyes on this natural wonder, and thus do not do justice to the reality of Dudhsagar Falls.

Located well inside the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary bordering Goa and Karnataka along the Western Ghats mountain range, Dudhsagar Falls is legendary for the way it turns the clear water concerning the Mandovi River into a milk-white sheet as it crashes down on each of the 4 tiers of the falls.

The legend goes that a beautiful princess was seen bathing in the falls by a emeer and, acutely aware of her nakedness, she poured a jar of sweetened milk she had, over her body to cover herself from the prince’s gaze. From that jug, the milk flowed, over the princesses’ body, and down the falls, transforming it into what it is today. It is for this fiction that the falls is named “Dudhsagar” or Naval of Milk as it translates in English.

Travellers looking to converse the falls will also have the opportunity to feel a unique and wonderful trekking experience for 4 routes of increasing difficulty to choose from to reach the falls These are suitable for everyone, from the excited and nervous novice, to the experienced and weighty outdoorsmen. The wildlife sanctuary in which the falls is located boasts a variety of endemic furthermore migratory birds, not to mention the expansive flora and fauna that calls the sanctuary home.

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