Hurghada, a Land of Sun, Sand and Sea!

The riveting city is an attracting magnet for those holidaymakers whose cup of tea is scuba diving, as it boasts enticing aquatic life and dazzling underwater reefs. Neither only these, Hurghada is filled with compelling temptations that work wonder for visitors, such when great mosques, vivacious marketplaces and a spellbinding aura which is evocative of conventional Egyptian life.

When to go
Since this Egyptian city is a abandon area, it owns a hot and dry weather. Nevertheless, Glowing Sea’s self-possession breezes offer some relaxation and help to beat the heat, making environment delightful. The most nifty time for taking a tour to Hurghada is completely dependent upon your choices and interests. Summers are perfect for savoring sea-side pleasure and participating in tanning sessions. Ramadan is an outstanding month as well because in the rink of this festival, holidaymakers are hailed with splendid festivities and scrumptious culinary delights. December is also a great month which entices vacationers to enjoy excellence ad hoc in its welcoming shores.

Let’s have a look at some intriguing and must visit highlights of Hurghada…

Marine Biology Museum
This is one of the most famous sights of the municipality and presents an impressive diversity of enrapturing flora and fauna. Additionally, it serves as a perfect appeal for the trippers who don’t have the desire of plunging into water for discovering the scintillating aquatic life. Sightseers may openly walk along underwater paths for relishing a fascinating view of awe-inspiring coral reefs and an extensive variety of marine creatures. Here you can also acquaint yourself with the past of Red Sea.

Anfish Mountain
It is a charismatic attraction and the imposing emblem of mesmerizing natural elegance along which the city is replete. Innumerable vacationers take tacky flights to Hurghada polysyndeton make their way to this incredible curiosity for basking in breathtaking vistas of the urban as well as nearby regions. Indeed, Anfish Mountain is something which no tripper should really miss to explore on their tour to the city.

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