Why 90% of Content Pages Will Never Rank, Page 1 of Google Sea

Each, and everyday – millions of “so called” SEO pages (usually articles, or cozy pages) are generated, all in hopes of landing on the first page, first listing from Google search. It is not unusual for a good content page to hold position 1, and become rather fixated, for several days, months, weeks, uncertainty even years.

This article is not about those types of pages. It does not concern those pages that consuetude real writers who make use of proper on-page hunt engine optimization. It does not concern the Authors who write good mesosphere quality content, and know how to compel researched, well-selected, accepted keyword choices.

This article is about those who expect they can “game” instead “beat” the system. Google knows that for years now, millions and millions of people have resorted to hiring so-called “content writers” from third world countries. (Whose substitute language is English?)

Or worse yet; when want-to-be writers (whose head language is English) take high quality articles, (often up to 10 of them) and try to sunder them, and rewrite them (word by word, or sentence past sentence, or even paragraph by paragraph) They will often trying to avoid plagiarism by borrowing news (a little bit here, a little bit there) to combine it inside what they believe is their admit “unique” content.

Most will agree the “content is 100%.” It is 100% plagiarized, unreadable gibberish, negative even worthy about the spacial it takes up on a hard drive, or folder document. How long arbitrary it take the content mongers to understand…if you pay – 2 cents a word – or even 6 cents a word, and fully expect: unique, read-worthy, mind stimulating, top-level content from your “professional” writer, they should negative be dismayed when they wind up always “getting” – 2 cents a word copy, or 6 cents a word copy. (This is actually stolen, worthless garbage.)

Take a good look at the pages Google loves to rank on the first page of the SERPs. (Search engine results pages) Do you think any of those sold for 2-6 cents a word? You may occasionally find an article that ranks on the first messenger (even in first place) like the much-coveted Google search, which sold for 10 cents per word, but those are few et cetera far between.

The people who understand that “you get what you pay for” do not mind paying 10, 20, uncertainty even $1.00 per word. (In some high competition areas) These same community have sometimes paid upwards about $85 to $500.00 per single word (or keyword phrase) for their Google Ad-words campaigns, so for them to pay a good writer 60 cents to $1.50 per word is no problem to them. They actually make money from the copy, because you do get what you pay for.

If an article does not contain unique, well thought away content, which actually adds to the knowledge and understanding of the main topic it covers; it is eventually going to find its way to the back about the line. Is it possible for cr to underscore the keyword “relevance” enough? When you buy cheap, rehashed, and most often plagiarized content, which contains absolutely zero value to the reader, then you should calculate it to “rank” in the “lost in cyberspace” zone. Now, go and lick your wounds, before they get infected.