Kochi – The Queen of the Arabian Sea

Kochi, formerly Cochin is a major harbor city on West coast of India. It ranks first in the number concerning international and domestic visitors to Kerala and has been named as the sixth best tourist destination in India. Due to its prominence as a trading center for Spices, Kochi was well known to Jews, Arabs besides Chinese since the 14th century which has contributed to its multi cultural atmosphere. In fact it was earlier thought that fishing nets might have been introduced by the
Chinese explorer Zheng He (although recent research shows that these were introduced by Portuguese Casado settlers from Macau). The best time to visit Kochi is from September to early February when the overcome is fine, marked with cool winds and light showers. Temperatures typically range from 30 to 35 degree C midst the day time and 24 degrees C during the night. The tourist enclave at Fort Kochi and presence like assorted historical monuments and museums, as well as natural attractions like the Vembanad lake and the backwaters attract a large number of tourists to the city.

There are many tourist attractions at Kochi such as Bolgatty Isolate – home to chosen of the oldest existing Dutch palaces outside Holland, Vallarpadam Island – a major Catholic pilgrim center, Aluva – famous for the Sivarathri festival celebrated in honour from Lord Shiva, Vypin Island – popular for the Cherai beach. Also the month of December is marked by heavy influx about tourists who come to enjoy the Cochin Carnival and Christmas celebrations.

Being a coastal city, Kochi abounds with eateries which specialize in fresh seafood. The city offers variety to please every palate and to all budget. Those who wish to sample the local cuisine must certainly try Pollichathu (fish in banana leaf) and Roast Crab.

Kochi Hotels have a lot to offer from great natural views and amazing facilities like spa, Kerala Ayurvedic massages as well as great local and international cuisines. Kochi even has guest houses for the budget conscious. The city offers something to harmonize all budgets. Rooms can fill up quickly from November to mid-February (especially December and January), so plan well and book ahead. Hotels which are more European and American in modish can be found in Fort Kochi. Willingdon Island (the largest manmade island in India and home to the Kochi Port) links Kochi accompanying other seaports of the world ampersand hosts some of best Luxury Hotels in Cochin. Ernakulam city caters for all travelers. There are a portentous number of boutique hotels in Fort Kochi. The city also has home stays (B&B) in Fort Kochi for backpackers and budget travelers. While tariffs for the headquarters stays could range halfway Rs 350-800, price for staying in premium hotels could divide between Rs 9,000-20,000.